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Reproductive Coverages

With the high costs involved with the breeding business, fertility insurance on both stallions and broodmares has become increasingly important to protect investments in stallion seasons and shares. The stallion must be insured that he covers the mare and gets her in foal, and the mare must be insured that she gets in foal.paddock

Prior to retirement from racing, a prospective stallion should be insured for accident, sickness and disease infertility. This coverage protects the stallion in the event he is rendered permanently and totally unable to breed as a result of an accident, illness or disease which manifests itself within the stated policy period. This coverage is usually written in conjunction with a full mortality policy.

Once the stallion has been retired to the farm and prior to test breeding or semen-testing occurring, a congenital infertility policy can be effected on him. The congenital infertility policy insures that the stallion gets a specified percentage of the mares bred to him in foal. The actual percentage used is normally 60% of the mares which fit into a described age group and meet specific production parameters. If the terms of the syndicate agreement vary from this standard policy, the policy can be modified by underwriters to conform to the guarantees made in the syndicate agreement.