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Other Specialty Coverages

statue_closeupOther insurance coverages are available on Thoroughbreds, and can be written upon request, but are usually considered to “specialty” insurance coverages. While loss of use coverage is difficult to place on Thoroughbreds, especially on flatracers, there is coverage available for loss of income. This would be written on a high valued animal and is often specifically tailored for that animal. Transit coverage is included in the standard mortality policies, but can be effected on a trip only basis if desired.

The most important aspect of insuring an equine investment is making sure that investment is fully protected to the extent such protection is required – whether fully or partially. Given the specialized nature of this type of insurance, consultation with an expert agent on both the coverages and markets available is imperative so the optimum coverage is effected in the most secure insurance market so that in the event of a claim, the claim is settled promptly and efficiently.