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Live Foal Insurance

horse_foal_001Insuring the mare’s fertility is also an important protection of an investment in a stallion season. Stallion nominations, or breeding seasons, can be purchased either on a “live foal guaranteed” basis, or on a “no guarantee” basis.

The first of the options, a live foal option, guarantees that a live foal is produced from the breeding or no stud fee is due. The live foal season is more expensive than the “no guarantee” season, for which the stud fee is due and payable even if no foal is ever even conceived or foaled. Obviously, there would be no reason to insure the live foal season, but through a package of insurance coverages, the no guarantee season can, in effect, be converted to a live foal season. This can often be accomplished for an even lower cost than if the same season is purchased on a live foal basis. Such a package would include coverage for stallion availability insurance, barrenness insurance, and in utero, or prospective foal insurance.