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Horse Owner’s Liability

prisonerofloveThe equine industry consists of many unique liability exposures that many standard homeowner and farmowner insurance policies typically exclude or severely restrict. Our liability program for horse owners can provide the necessary legal liability protection for most horse related operations. It will provide the protection you need arising out of your horse business. It is intended for the amateur or the professional. It can be designed for a small two horse operation or it can cover a large breeding farm. Coverage is available for small individual operators or large commercial equine operations with policy limits of up to $1,000,000. Umbrella policies are available to provide additional coverage in excess of the $1 million basic limits provided under the Horse Owner’s General Liability policy.

Regardless of the size of your operation, you’ll be insured for your legal liabilities up to the limits stated in the policy. When a person is injured or property damaged as a result of your equine operations we will, subject to the exclusions in the policy, settle claims for which you are legally liable. In addition to this, we will make sure you are defended in lawsuits whether substantial or groundless and in most cases pay for all court costs and judgments, subject to the limitations and exclusions stated in the policy. Whether your activities involve riding instructions, breeding, racing, showing, boarding, pleasure activities or training, we can custom design a policy to fit your liability needs.