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Equine Care, Custody and Control

This insurance is essential for the horseman who boards or trains horses or who is responsible for other people’s horses while breeding, training, showing or racing them. It pays all sums you are legally obligated to pay for damage to horses in your care, custody or control, that do not belong to you. This coverage does not apply to horses you own or lease, which typically are covered by a mortality policy.

Typical policy limits are available from $5,000 to $200,000 per animal and from $25,000 to $500,000 maximum loss per policy year.

barn_002In response to increasing requests for higher limits, please be advised that we can offer the following in addition to our present program:


In addition to paying for damages to horses, the Care, Custody or Control policy will pay for the cost of your legal defense if a suit is filed against you on any horse in your care, custody or control, whether or not you are found to be negligent. This coverage will provide funds for you to purchase bail bonds, we will pay interest on judgments and all costs taxed against you in the suit. We will also pay expenses you incur at our request to assist us in your defense, including loss of earnings, up to $100 a day. These coverages are the most important aspects of this policy, as even defending unfounded or unsubstantiated claims of negligence can result in large legal expenses.

Your premium is partly determined by the number of horses in your care and their values, which makes this coverage affordable to both the small and large operation. For the protection the policy provides, the premiums are very reasonable, and it should be an integral part of your overall insurance program.